Adventures in Social Media with Ashley

Blogger Crush of the Week

Anyone in the JustMeans New York office knows I have many crushes in the blogebrity community. My first crush was Acumen Fund and NextBillion man Rob Katz, who is an upcoming featured blogger for All Things Reconsidered (!!!). He’s got passion and pizazz, I can just tell.

Then, after I discovered my favorite’s Top 25 Hottest Guys in Green list, Muhammad Saleem entered my life. Boy, he is dreamy. However, he didn’t respond to my emails and refused to return my Twitter follow. Bad form, Mr. Saleem.

Now, I’m on to Daniel Altman. He’s a Harvard grad, globalization expert, multi-book author, founder of a non-profit consulting firm and the youngest member of the New York Times editorial board….ever. Marry me and take me away to one of your three homes in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong or New York. Please.

So which blogger will be next to trip my fancy? Suggestions are welcome.