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Out of a job or not?
July 7, 2008, 8:27 pm
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I just posted a new entry on the JustMeans “All Things Reconsidered” blog collection. It’s called “FIRE! Interview from Fast Company with Charlene Li on Groundswell” and covers some of the author’s ideas on social media and business. In the interview she stresses the importance of employing a social media strategy that engages a company with people and NOT technology. I understand Charlene Li’s suggestion of discussion forums and interactive blogs as, ultimately, a new job market for web networkers, social media gurus and professional bloggers. Maybe I’m wrong, but in order to engage people in a constructive, corporate, yet personalized conversation, companies must build up their social media teams with smart people who can navigate the invisible.

So this brings me to my next, Fast Company reference. I recently read the article “Six Jobs that Won’t Exist in 2016” that suggested my highly anticipated career in blogging may be soon be obsolete. So, grappling with Charlene Li’s message to develop a well-researched and personalized corporate social media approach, where is my job as a blogger going? Get your story straight Fast Company, the caliber of my parents’ rest home depends on this.